Бидний тухай

Cypher New Mongolia LLC has signed on a special distributorship contract with Canadian Cypher Environmental LLC in 2009 to introduce and sell its products at Mongolian market. Products we supply include:

  1. Earthzyme (road substance: environmentally friendly stabilization of clay-based soil)
  2. Dust stop (environmental dust control and soil stabilization)
  3. Ultrazyme (environmental water clean-up, wastewater remediation and odor control)

These products meet requirements of modern use, environmental criteria with its advanced technology as well as tremendously reduce production costs. With these advantages, the products have been exported from Canada to permanently 22 countries, and over 150 countries are widely using the products.
The ultimate goal of our company is to supply 100% environmentally friendly products at Mongolian products that incur the lowest production costs, so that enable Mongolians live comfortably with lower living costs.
The company also helps Mongolians find most efficient agricultural and mining machineries and equipment from Canada at the lowest costs. In addition, we supply Canadian houses in Mongolia.